Rosé Grower Champagne, the Height of Elegance

Vigneron:   Pascal Bardoux is our grower Champagne producer just west of Reims. His Pinot Meunier dominant cuvées are carefully crafted and perfectly elegant. Amid Champagne’s haze of le marketing and glossy promotion, Bardoux’s wines are quietly brilliant.

Wine:   Bardoux’s Rosé Champagne is two thirds Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, and one third Chardonnay. The two dark grapes give gorgeous dry fruit (and color), and the Chardonnay adds freshness and length. This cuvée sits on the lees for three years before disgorgement; only 150 cases made each year.

Notes:   The nose is intense and fresh, with strawberries, crème brûlée, and apple pie. The mouth is crisp and dry but full of springy fruit; wild cherries and roses.

Pairing:   Drink this on its own, and not too far below room temperature. Let it develop in the glass. If a pairing is required, try Brillat Savarin, or gougères.


Bardoux Champagne Rosé Brut NV
bottle price: $65

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