Rich, Mouthfilling Grower Champagne under $10/glass

We’re excited about our newest source for grower Champagne: the Domaine Jacques Robin. Robin is in the Côtes des Bar, a sub-region of Champagne located near Chablis and known for its Pinot Noir-heavy cuvées. All four of their wines are well priced, easy to like, and hard to put down.

Today’s Champagne cuvée from Robin is 100% Pinot Noir, grown in soils with more clay than the rest of Champagne. The resulting wines sport a broader, richer palate than many Champagnes from further north. It’s gourmand rather than gourmet — rich, welcoming, and mouthfilling.

Robin’s “Secret de Sorbée,” pure Pinot Noir from a single terroir. It’s fermented partially in barrel and left on the lees for over two years. The resulting wine is toasty and fresh with lovely apple fruit and floral notes. The Guide Hachette awarded a star, and called it “at once round and tart,” with a “pleasant, intense fruit expression.”

At a bottle price under $50 this is delicious grower Champagne that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re toasting the end of 2021, the start of 2021, or just need an elegant glass of wine the end of a long day on Zoom, here’s a perfect companion.


Robin Champagne Secret de Sorbée NV
bottle price: $49

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