Easy, Juicy, Smooth: New $16 Côtes-du-Rhône

A humble new red blend bursting with smooth ripe fruit.

Some of the wines in our portfolio are “high-maintenance.” Pricey Burgundies require patience, timing, careful food pairing, and decanting to realize their potential. In the right context, they’re extraordinary — but to a more casual drinker, they might be described as “fussy.”

Today’s wine is the opposite. It’s a simple, well-made southern Rhône blend. It makes humble promises and doesn’t disappoint. There’s a place in the world for extraordinary wine that stops you in your tracks; but there’s also a place for a straightforward, easygoing glass.

Today’s wine is easy, smooth, and tasty. And it’s a bargain.

We’re thrilled to welcome the Coulange Cuvée Mistral back into stock. Made from an 80/20 blend of Grenache and Syrah, it’s pure southern fruit — no oak, no earthiness. Even for the ever-sunny Southern Rhône Valley, the 2019 growing season was unusually hot and dry. The resulting wines burst with ripe fruit and juicy textures. They may not hold up well over the long term, but they’re a delight today.

In the nose the 2019 Mistral shows fresh spring flowers, with strawberry jam, roses, and violets. The mouth is right and smooth; not long or complicated, with a soft finish. Serve it with burgers, stir fry, pizza, or a hearty salad. Don’t overthink it and it won’t let you down.


Coulange Mistral 2019
bottle price: $16

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