Chianti Classico Returns: Inky New $25 Sangiovese

Everyone's favorite weeknight Italian red is back on stock

We’re thrilled to have Poggerino back in stock. We visit only once a year, and last year’s supply evaporated by the fall. So after some shipping delays (sans Suez) and a long trip across the ocean, the wines are at last in stock.

As a refresher, Poggerino is a top-notch producer from Chianti in Italy. Nearly all of our winemakers are French, but we carve out a small corner of the portfolio for our old Italian friends — they also happen to be terrific winemakers. Rajat Parr calls their pure Sangiovese wines “some of the purest expressions of [Sangiovese] in Italy.”

We’ve brought in their terrific Riserva from 2017, and their exciting new $19 rosé. But their flagship wine, and our favorite everyday Chianti Classico is our suggestion today.

Poggerino’s 2018 Chianti Classico bursts with intensity and energy. It’s at once expansive and well defined — it shows strawberry jam, anise, and a pleasant dustiness on the nose. The ripe fruit carries seamlessly across the palate, which is pleasantly mouth filling — but neither hot nor flabby — and the tannins are fine-grained and attractive. Look for notes of cherries and dried roses.

This is beautifully made wine without pretense, and at $5/glass it is a remarkable value. It’s hard to rival the Garenne Sancerre or the Gautheron old-vine Chablis for our best value at the $25 mark — but Poggerino makes an awfully good case.

Nobody’s doing much travel to Italy these days. But enjoy this on your front stoop or back patio under the warm afternoon sun with some crusty artisan pizza, and you might imagine yourself back in Tuscany.


Poggerino Chianti Classico 2018
bottle price: $25

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