An Exciting New Source: Natural Carignan from the Rugged Roussillon

Ansonia’s newest winemaker is an expert in balance

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the Ansonia portfolio: Jean-Louis Tribouley, [TREE-boo-lay] a producer we found based on a tip from a longtime customer. A biodynamic source located deep in Roussillon, Tribouley farms tiny plots of 40-70 year old Carignan, Grenache, and Syrah. His wines are not only natural and beautiful, but they’re bargains.

Tribouley’s style is reminiscent of our other southern natural source, the Mas Foulauquier, but his wines are a bit lighter on their feet — same grapes, but with less extraction. His ability to wrestle freshness and lift from the warm, rugged climate is remarkable — the wines burst with fruit and tension, a mark of careful viticulture and low yields (12-15 hl/ha). He ferments with ambient yeasts, and neither fines nor filters.

Tribouley’s pure Carignan cuvée is terrific, another example (along with Foulaquier’s Gran’T) of the potential of this underrated grape when its due. Called Elepolypossum, it’s made from vines grown on gneiss, a dense mineral that helps keep yields low and increases concentration – a mouthful of a name and a wine.

In the nose Elepolypossum is pleasantly funky, with earthy notes into violets, dried roses, and leather. The mouth is concentrated and gorgeous, with black cherry, cassis, and plum, and a dash of black pepper. We enjoyed this a few days ago — served a bit cool, on a outdoor patio, with burgers hot off the grill.


Tribouley Elepolypossum 19
bottle price: $25

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