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Sancerre red can be as crisp and summery as the white

In recent years the Domaine de la Garenne’s terrific Sancerre cuvées have become among the best selling wines in our portfolio. Crisp, refreshing, and well priced, their pure, unoaked Sauvignon Blancs are a perfect accompaniment to a wide range of dishes.

But as it turns out Garenne makes excellent wines of other colors as well. Their new Sancerre rosé is terrific, and our stock for the year is already running low. But today we’re suggesting yet another color: Sancerre rouge.

Sancerre is of course best known for their whites, but nearly a quarter of the appellation is planted to Pinot Noir. We’ve got no shortage of Pinot Noir in our portfolio, but the red Sancerre offers a different take on the grape, one perfectly suited to summer weather.

Sancerre rouge has a lot in common with Sancerre blanc: it’s refreshing, fruit forward, with floral notes alongside brisk minerals. Garenne’s 2019 Sancerre rouge is unoaked and delicious, with impressive concentration. It’s pleasant rather than profound, but with more complexity than many reds from the appellation.

The nose shows notes of wild strawberries and mint, with graphite and stones in the mouth. It’s middle-weight rather than light-weight, with plenty of concentration to stand up to food from the grill or a busy salad. Chill this down to well below room temp, and you may not even need to open a white.


Garenne Sancerre red 2019
bottle price: $25

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