New Crisp, Refreshing Alsatian Pinot Blanc

A biodynamic catch-all cocktail white from a familiar source.

Today’s producer may look like a new source, but it’s actually a familiar one. Several years ago the Domaine Merisol combined with another centuries old family domaine in the same Alsace town (Dambach-la-Ville): the Domaine Charles Frey. Frey (est. 1709) has made the wine under both labels for years, but we’ve decided to switch to their label.

Like Mersiol, Frey is committed to meticulous organic and biodynamic viticulture, producing wines with extraordinary complexity. Natural wines this expressive usually come at a premium because of the additional vineyard labor. But Frey manages to produce some real bargains, and today’s is one of our favorites.

The most popular wine (by a mile) we used to stock from Mersiol was their humble Auxerrois, an everyday white that seemed to have just the right amount of everything. Today’s Frey Pinot Blanc is the same wine in a new suit.

Frey’s 2019 Pinot Blanc is as good as the Merisol Auxerrois always was, and might even be better. The pleasantly expressive nose still sports that attractive white peach and pear aroma – fruit with a floral touch. In the mouth it is round rather than bone-dry, and fills the palate nicely.

For years we have suggested the Auxerrois as a delightful end-of-the-workday summer sipper, and this past week has reminded us of the need for that genre. If you’re in the market for an impressive catch-all cocktail white under $20, your search just ended.


Frey Pinot Blanc 2019
bottle price: $19

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