Dry, Crisp, Delicious: New Organic Loire Rosé. $18

Paget keeps the alcohol (12%) and price ($3.6/glass) impressively low

The Loire River is the longest in France, and the valley that surrounds it is home to the country’s most diverse winemaking region. The Loire Valley produces just about every type of wine there is — sweet, dry, sparkling, still, traditional, modern, and in every hue imaginable.

Nicolas Paget is a passionate young winemaker in the central Loire, crafting honest, delicious, organic cuvées of all colors. His white “Melodie” has become our favorite expression of Chenin blanc — lightweight, dry, crisp, and vibrant. We’ve previously imported several other whites and some reds, but this year we’re pleased to introduce his terrific rosé.

Paget’s rosé is just like everything else he makes — delicious, refreshing, and a bargain.

Paget makes his rosé from the unusual local Loire Valley grape grolleau (pronounced GROW-low). Though it’s the third most planted red varietal in the Loire, Grolleau flies a bit under radar, and is almost unheard of outside the region. It produces rustic, somewhat gritty reds that we’ve always found hard to love on their own. But as a rosé the edges are softened a bit, leaving a wine full of freshness and character.

The 2020 Paget Rosé is a perfect match for an August heatwave. The nose shows strawberries with a hint of earthiness and mint. The mouth is very dry, with red currant fruit, excellent freshness and pleasant echo of tannin. Nicolas has managed to keep both alcohol (12%) and price ($3.60/glass) impressively low. Don’t overthink this cuvée and it wont let you down.


Paget Rosé 2020
bottle price: $18

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