Delicious New Normandy Cider and Poiré. $15

The perfect match for your Autumn table

As Francophiles we get excited about many expressions of French terroir — wine, of course, but also cheese, butter, chickens, oysters, truffles, mustard. And so, just in time for Fall, we’re thrilled to release our newest French products: cider and poiré from Normandy.

It’s too cold north of Paris to grow much in the way of grapes, but in Normandy and Brittany they’ve cultivated apples and pears for centuries. With nearly 800 varieties planted across northern France, cidermakers craft their blends based on tannin, sweetness, bitterness, tartness and pH. Our new source is the Cidrerie Ribaude, a 9th generation cider farm in Normandy’s “Pays d’Auge” appellation.

Ribaude Organic Dry Cider. $15
Made from 30 apple varieties collected in two separate harvests — one in October, one in November. The fermentation takes two months, and reaches an alcohol of between 3 and 5%. The nose is floral and earthy, with notes of dried fruit and dried roses or daisies. The mouth is very dry, with a hint of tannin, relatively low acid, and a faint tartness — notes of black tea, leaves, baked apples, allspice, browned butter, straw and almonds.
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Ribaude Rosé Cider. $15
Made from pink-fleshed apples, their rosé cider is particularly well balanced — more tart than the Organic Dry, with both more fruit and more acid. The nose shows notes of tarte tatin, macintosh apple, spices, and orange peel. The mouth is crisp and refreshing, with less funk and a bit more fruit and caramel notes. It’s still not sweet, but not as bone-dry as the Organic Dry Cider.
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Ribaude Organic Dry Poiré. $15
Made just like cider but with pears instead of apples, Poiré is less common but no less tasty. Ribaude’s is a blend of 20 varieties, and its alcohol barely breaks 3%. The nose is exuberant and delightful, with notes of caramel, pear tart, and dried flowers. The mouth is fruity but also crisp and vibrant with nice acidity and notes of honey, herbs and apples.
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Normandy Sampler: $180
Four of each: Organic Dry Cider, Rosé Cider, Organic Dry Poiré. Free East Coast Shipping
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