Fresh, Floral, New Biodynamic Grenache from Foulaquier. $22

“Springtime in a glass.”

We usually place our order from the Mas Foulaquier in January, and by the time the wines arrive in March the earth has barely begun to awake from its winter slumber. This year the wines have arrived a month later, with Spring in full bloom.

Patience testing aside, the delay means we’re in fact releasing the Foulaquier wines at a perfect seasonal moment. Foulaquier’s southern blends burst from the glass with the exuberance of springtime, and invite you to close your eyes and imagine a sunny meadow in southern France.

We’re thrilled to release their newest cuvée today: Les Indiennes.

The Foulaquier recipe (minimal vineyard intervention, wild yeasts, no fining or filtering, low/no sulfites) produces wines that might best be described as carefully channeled wildness – they’re not as funky or offbeat as much of the world’s natural wine but they still contain an earthy, untamed quality, and natural spirit.

“Les Indiennes” 2018 is pure grenache, raised in concrete vats and bottled with minimal sulfites. The name is a reference to Indian fabrics with a faintly red tint that were imported to Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries (examples here), and the wine bears a similar lightweight red character. We found this wine delightful when we first tried it back in January, and confirmed our enthusiasm with a bottle last night.

It’s easy and light, with roses and earthy violets in the nose, alongside hints of spice, licorice, and soy sauce. The mouth is low tannin and fresh, with cherries and stones – a perfect weeknight patio wine for a warm evening. Carafe this for 20 minutes to help welcome it to Spring, and enjoy all summer long on the patio.


Foulaquier Indiennes 2018
bottle price: $22

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