Fresh, Dry, Floral Sparkling Rosé from Burgundy. $24

Delicious pink bubbles for under $5/glass

The Maison Picamelot is among Burgundy’s finest crémant houses. The Wine Advocate’s resident Champagne expert William Kelley writes that “Picamelot produces some of the best sparkling wines in Burgundy,” and calls their wines “elegant,” “excellent,” and “superb.”

Picamelot’s everyday crémants are extraordinary values. With a bit less complexity and staying power than true Champagne, they come in at a fraction of the price, and in some cases outperform wines that are twice their price.

Picamelot’s dry rosé is 100% Pinot Noir, and made using the traditional method from Champagne: fermentation in tank, bottling, dosing with sugar and yeast, second fermentation, then disgorging. The rosé spends a year on lees before disgorgement, and gains a delicious creamy texture.

The wine shows a lovely nose that balances fruit and floral notes, with strawberry, herbs and lemon. The mouth is perfectly dry, with great freshness alongside a gentle creamy mousse of bubbles. Serve chilled but not too cold; use a white wine glass (not a flute). Pair with Chinese foods or creamy cheese on crackers.


Picamelot Crémant Rosé NV
bottle price: $24

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