Friday Flash Sale: Charming, Rugged 2019 Red Burgundy

A terrific Michel Gros Nuits-St-Georges

Nuits-St-Georges is a huge appellation by Burgundy standards, stretching over four miles end to end. But the most traditional expression of the appellation comes from the middle, just south of the town. Prototypical Nuits-St-Georges is bold, dark-fruited, and often pleasantly rugged. It’s still Burgundian Pinot Noir of course, so elegant and subtle – but also somewhat untamed.

Michel Gros’s Nuits-St-Georges “Chaliots” cuvée comes from the heart of the appellation, and it is indeed a classical Nuits. Gros’s house style is always polished and refined, which creates a beautiful, dynamic contrast with the characterful terroir. The 2019 has shed a bit of its youthful exuberance, and has settled down into a charming vibrant red Burgundy. There’s a bright future ahead for this wine, but it’s smooth and simply delightful today.

This is captivating wine – the nose has begun to add gorgeous notes of dried violets and cassis liqueur. The mouth remains textural and mouthfilling with gorgeous notes of gingerbread and plum. Gros has tamed the Nuits wildness just enough to match his style, but the soul of the wine is still untamed. Pour this into a decanter with a plate of steak frites.


Bonnefond Côte Rôtie “Rozier” 2019
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