The Perfect Autumn Grilling Red. $19

A juicy, balanced, bargain red for your backyard barbecue.

Côtes du Rhônes are a dime a dozen. They’re cheap, reliable, and abundant — you’ll find them everywhere from a fine restaurant to your local supermarket. Most are mass produced, with low tannin and lots of fruit — they may lack flaws, but they’re short on character too.

Eric Chauvin’s wines share a region and grape varietal with these Côtes du Rhônes, but little else. Chauvin’s tiny Domaine le Souverain has no website, no road sign, and barely a phone number — his cellar is a converted garage. But his wines have more complexity and depth than nearly anything else we taste at their level, and manage to remain a bargain.

Souverain’s 2022 Séguret pulsates with life and energy, a result of his low-intervention style and careful organic viticulture. The nose is dark and inky with notes of crushed berries, lavender, and a cool earthiness. The mouth is smooth, fresh and perfectly balanced – clean dark fruit, low tannin, and easy finish. Pour this on your back patio or roofdeck, paired with something from the grill and a cool hint of fall in the air.


Souverain Séguret 2022
bottle price: $19

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