Jaqueline André



Chateauneuf du Pape makes rich red wine that ages beautifully.  It’s a crowd pleaser, and we are always looking for new producers with an interesting take on the appellation.  The Domaine Pierre André is a relatively new addition to our portfolio, but fits in so well that it feels as if it has been there all along.  We are partial to old vines for the intensity and complexity that they bring to wine, and the Domaine PIerre André has the oldest vines of all our producers — some have been around for 140 years.

Jacqueline André treats these ancient vines with the respect they deserve.  Indeed it is a family tradition — her grandfather concluded in 1963 that chemicals were bad for the long term health of his vines and so he stopped using them altogether.  The Domaine was certified organic in 1980, the first in the region (by many years, we suspect).  Her winemaking is as disciplined as her viticulture.  She produces just a single cuvée of red Chateauneuf and a single cuvée of white.  Both are elegant, precise, and the best one can expect from any vintage.  And if a vintage does not meet her high expectations, she sells the wine off in bulk and there is no Pierre André Chateauneuf that year.

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