Violets, Thyme, Wild Cherries, Plums: Exuberant, Living Grenache/Syrah Blend

The primary trend we see in French winemaking today is less intervention. Winemakers treat less in the vines, limit sulfur, and use wild, ambient yeasts for their fermentations.

Though this “naturalization” of winemaking means more work for the vignerons, the results speak for themselves. Low-intervention wines can be hard to get right, but when they’re good they can be extraordinary.

The winemakers at the Mas Foulaquier aren’t new to the natural game — in fact they no know other way. Foulaquier has been biodynamic and organic since its founding two decades ago. Their wines are clean and perfectly formed, marrying ripe fruit with earthy notes from their rugged terroir.

Whenever Spring gets around to showing up, Foualquier’s 2017 Orphée will be the perfect red for the season. We’ve imported the Orphée for almost a decade now, and 2017 is the best it’s been. The Grenache/Syrah blend cool and fresh in the nose, showing berries, bay leaf, violets, and earth. The mouth is dark and beautifully textured, with softened tannins and notes of cassis, roses, and spice.

The bursting, juicy texture of this wine makes it effortless to like and hard to put down. Close your eyes and plunge your nose into the glass. It’s a wine full of life, and it might just make you feel the same. (NOTE: Foulaquier’s wines are always best enjoyed outside, free to commune with the natural world from which they spring. Maybe next week you’ll finally be able to try it.)


Foulaquier Orphée 2017
bottle price: $28

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