Crisp Autumn Red: Delightful, Refreshing Pinot Noir

Sancerre has always been the star of the Loire Valley. Though recent years have seen interest rise in the region’s other appellations, Sancerre remains the best known and among the best-liked. It’s popular, easy to drink, easy to pronounce, and pairs well with lots of dishes.

Today’s wine is classic Sancerre — mineral, bright, and refreshing… it just happens to be red. Nearly a quarter of the appellation is planted to Pinot Noir. Like the Sauvignon Blanc used to make white Sancerre, Pinot Noir deftly and elegantly expresses the minerality of Sancerre’s terroir.

The whites of the Domaine de la Garenne have already received a warm welcome from our readers — they’re cool, lively, refreshing, full of intensity and elegance. Garenne’s Sancerre rouge is in the same line: refreshing and well balanced, with no new oak and an unusually complex palate.

If the words “Sancerre rouge” call to mind a simple fruit-forward wine, this wine should expand that notion. There’s indeed beautiful red fruit with violets and honey, but also a complex earthiness, both from stones and forest floor. The smooth, relaxed tannins make this go down surprisingly easily — you’ll be amazed how fast a bottle disappears from your autumn table.

Serve this wine cool, with goat cheese on crackers.


Garenne Sancerre rouge 2017
bottle price: $25

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