Juicy, New 2017 Red Burgundy: Joie de Vivre in a Glass. $32

The town of Maragnes is an underrated source for red Burgundy. Located at the very southern end of the Côte d’Or, it’s often left off regional maps, and its reputation is for rusticity over refinement.

But if chosen carefully, Maranges can offer unparalleled value for red Burgundy drinkers. At its best, Maranges is a less subtle but no less charming alternative to the skyrocketing prices elsewhere in the region.

A cheerful, approachable red Burgundy from a plentiful, early-drinking vintage, we think today’s wine well overperforms its $32 pricetag.

Roger Belland is an excellent source for easy drinking red Burgundy. The domaine uses a long, very cool fermentation to retain the fruit in their wines. His 2017s are even more approachable young than usual. The French have taken to calling the 2017 reds “restaurant wines,” a nod to their abundance, approachability, and charm.

Belland’s 2017 Maranges is from a south-facing vineyard and a vintage with excellent ripeness; Burghound called it “nicely vibrant” with an “appealing texture.” In the nose we found intense, juicy, bursting cranberry fruit, with notes of honey and tulips. The mouth is pleasant and punchy with young, approachable tannins, no raspiness, and a clean refreshing finish.

Think of this as somewhere between a Burgundy and a Beaujolais — the refinement of a Pinot Noir, matched with jolliness and joie de vivre of a Gamay.


Belland Maranges 1er “Fussière” 2017
bottle price: $32

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