Provençal Rosé Returns, $19

As some of you noticed, we underbought rosé this year. Our entire summer’s worth sold out in 15 days, and by June 1 there wasn’t a drop of pink in the entire warehouse. Turns out all those people sitting at home got thirsty when the weather warmed up!

Well the good news is that our crowd favorite rosé is back in stock, and none too soon. With the temperature here in Boston pushing 100 today, it’s clear that summer is far from over. We’re glad to have a couple bottles of Goubert’s crisp, dry, and refreshing rosé in our fridge, and we recommend the same to anyone south of the Canadian border. Here are our notes from May:

Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre | Lightweight and lively. The nose is dry and fresh, with dry strawberries and lime zest. The mouth is light, clean, refreshing and delightful. You forget it’s even there. Pair this with fresh goat cheese on crackers.


Goubert Rosé 2019
bottle price: $19

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