New Everyday Grassl Glass Stemware

Just in time for a summer of entertaining

Like many of you, the brief warm spell this week has summer on our mind. Yes, we know, it’s a few months off still, and April snow isn’t unheard of here in New England. But after more than a year cooped up indoors, we’re ready for some sunshine and (fingers crossed) some in-person socializing.

With that in mind, we’re excited to release a new model of stemware from Grassl Glass — the perfect upgrade for what we predict will be a summer of enthusiastic entertaining. Many readers have picked up the exquisitely crafted Grassl glasses from their top-of-the-line Vigneron series. Here’s just a few of the comments we’ve received:

“Those glasses. Wow. We’ve been Zalto users for a couple of years… the Cru Grassl glasses are just perfect though”

“Just stellar. Lovely.”

“We’re not too happy with our Riedels anymore.”

“Now it’s hard to use anything else.”

Today we’re excited to introduce the Versatile model from Grassl’s Elemental series — they’re smaller and slightly less fragile than the Vigneron series, and come at about half the price. They’ve become our household all-purpose glass, and they elevate every wine we put in them. (They’re also the new house glass behind the bar at Boston’s premier wine restaurant, Troquet on South.)

We use the Vigneron series (Cru, Liberté, and 1855) for special wines and special occasions, and the Versatile for that weeknight glass of Bourgogne rouge or Sancerre. At less than 4oz, each Versatile glass is a finely tuned piece of art, helping even the humblest wines show better.

We’ve got a year of entertaining to make up for — with immunity (we hope) on the way, we can’t wait to get back to planning picnics, dinner parties, and long, lazy brunches. The Grassl Versatiles are the perfect upgrade to your at-home wine game.

Grassl Glass: Versatile: $159/six-pack

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