Fresh, Organic, Natural Carignan for the Grill. $25

Tribouley’s delicious low-intervention blends are a summertime treat.

Jean-Louis Tribouley practices organic farming, biodynamics, and low intervention. His property is high in the hills of the Roussillon, a remote winemaking area near France’s border with Spain. The vines grow on schist and gneiss/granite, and range from 40 to 70 years old.

Our first purchase sold out quickly, as people were delighted by the approachability and lack of pretense in these wines. Perhaps the first word that comes to mind when we think about Tribouley’s wine is “fun.” His three 2020s are in stock and are delicious examples of the natural style.

His 2020 “Alba” cuvée is mostly carignan with dollops of Grenache and Syrah. This wine offers a more familiar profile, less funky than the other two cuvées, Elepolypossum and Copines. There are notes of olives, garrigue, black tea and lavender in the nose, which offer a savory complement to the black raspberry fruit in the mouth.

This is a great match for any meat coming off the grill, particularly one infused with smoky accents; but it’s lovely on its own. At $25 it’s worlds more complex and interesting than a similar Côtes du Rhône from your local supermarket. Tribouley’s wines are always best enjoyed outside, or by an open window.


Tribouley Alba 2020
bottle price: $25

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