New Vintage Grower Champagne.

Pascal Bardoux is among the most contemplative winemakers we’ve met. Before our inaugural visit in June, Mr. Bardoux asked about the timing and contents of our lunch to understand the state of our palates. The meandering, thoughtful conversation that followed included long silences, dozens of questions, and detailed lexicological discussions about the precise flavors in the glass.

New Grand Cru: “Chablis at its very, very finest.”

Of the 12,000 acres of vineyards planted in Chablis, only 250 qualify as Grand Cru. This highest tier includes seven distinct vineyards, each famous in its own right. But among the seven, the Grand Cru “Les Clos” is generally considered the finest. And it is from these hallowed 68 acres — just one tenth of a square mile — that today’s wine hails.

2015 Holiday Wine Guide

We’ve collected six mixed supply cases to help stock up for your holiday party, starting at $17/bot. We’ve included dozens of gift ideas, with discounts of 10-30% off, and free East Coast shipping. And finally, we’ve shared some of our favorite Wilcox Family holiday recipes.

2010 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

With Thanksgiving but a few days away, delicious smells have begun to emerge from our kitchen. One of cooking’s most intoxicating aromas comes from a process called the Maillard reaction. First identified by Frenchman Louis Camille Maillard in 1912, it’s the flavor most often associated with browned meat, though it’s also found in bread crusts, chocolate, dark beers, and coffee beans.

A Beautiful New Meursault

Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault are neighboring small towns in Burgundy. From end to end they cover just under five miles, and their combined populations number less than 2000 souls. Both towns have made wine for a thousand years, and today are world famous as sources of the finest white Burgundy.

Extraordinary Premier Cru White Burgundy. $32

It is often said that good wines are made in the vineyards. That may be true, but they can also be saved in the winery. When we visited the Domaine Collet in Chablis in the midst of the 2013 harvest, it seemed a scene of tragedy. Rot-laden grapes and malfunctioning machinery had kept the young winemaker Romain Collet up all night with worry, and we made a mental note to exercise caution before buying the finished product.

Our First Grower Champagne.

For years our readers asked us to find a grower Champagne, and for years our search fell short. But in June we struck gold at last, based on a recommendation from Burgundian winemaker Michel Gros. We’re excited to have filled this hole in our portfolio, and particularly to have done so with such a singular source.