Pure, Unoaked, Dazzling White Burgundy.

MAILLET Macon-Verzé 2015

Passion.  Nicolas Maillet is our new source for chardonnay from southern Burgundy. His wines are classic examples of the best Maconnais — cool, round chardonnay with excellent balance and little or no oak. If the Côte d’Or is home to Burgundies of pedigree and refinement, then the Maconnais is home to Burgundies full of vibrancy and joy.

Maillet takes this idea one step further, vinifying his wines using biodynamic viticulture, indigenous yeasts, and a slow, months-long fermentation. The result is wine of remarkable complexity and purity, a veritable symphony of flavors in the glass. Maillet is a man full of passion — for his vineyards, for his rootstocks, for biodynamics, and for the purity of his harvest. And he manages to translate all of this energy into truly extraordinary wines.



Confidence.  Maillet doesn’t lack confidence in his techniques, and after a sip of his wine, you won’t either. His Macon-Verzé 2015 is a delight — there’s less acidity than the 2014 version, offering earlier drinking and a softer palate. The nose shows white flowers, green tea, and honeysuckle. The mouth is classic Maillet — pure and smooth, but with balancing freshness and a beautiful baked lemon core.

With no oak to overshadow the pure fruit, this is Maconnais at its best, showing beautiful, unadulterated ripe fruit. So complete is the palate of this wine that it needs no accompaniment. Should an appetite force your hand, we suggest cow’s milk cheeses like Comté or Beaufort.



MAILLET Macon-Verzé 2015
Ansonia Retail: $30
6+ bottle price : $25/bot


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